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Apartment Ownership under the MUD Act 2011

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The purpose of this consumer guide is to inform owners and prospective purchasers in multi-unit developments of the key aspects of the Multi-Unit Developments (MUD) Act 2011 and of their rights and obligations as members and directors of their Owners╩╝ Management Company (OMC).

The years leading up to 2011 saw an increase in the amount of Multi Unit Developments across Ireland. However, there was no corresponding Regulatory System or Legal Framework in place to cover this new type of housing. This deficiency resulted in a variety of problems and challenges for apartment owners which were addressed in the MUD Act 2011

The Act became law on 1st April 2011 and it applies to all multi-unit developments, i.e. developments with not less than five apartments with shared amenities, facilities and services. This includes private housing estates that have an OMC structure and mixed-use developments which are residential but have also some commercial elements such as shops or offices.  


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